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  • Gap-up short statistics

    The question I’m trying to answer: using tracking data from my database (containing mostly low-priced, low-float stocks), which combination of factors known at 9:30 am (market open) give the highest winning probability for a short trade between 9:30 am and 12 pm? When I started researching which stocks to trade I noticed short-sellers targeting biotechs. […]

  • Setting up Mozilla Firefox

    Since a lot of users spend large portions of their screen time in the browser it makes sense to invest a little effort in a good setup. No browser is perfect because people have different views on what that means. This post is not about making any claims of browser superiority—use whichever product you prefer. […]

  • A wish list for Apple

    Who knows, maybe someone at Apple will see this, so here’s a list of things that I noticed and that maybe could be improved: System Preferences Safari Finder macOS Apple Books Preview app Keynote/Pages/Numbers

  • Renaissance Technologies

    After reading Gregory Zuckerman’s The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution I wanted to find out more about Renaissance Technologies (RenTec). There are a ton of interviews with Jim Simons and other videos related to Renaissance/Medallion on YouTube but I could not find anything that doesn’t just basically repeat […]